Collection: Olive Oil

Discover the fantastic flavors of the olive oils produced by one of our most trusted Olio2go partners: Tenuta di Capezzana. Located in the countryside of Tuscany near Florence, this incredible estate has been the source of some of Italy's finest olive oils for centuries. Today, their extra virgin olive oils are highly prized for their exquisite flavor and superior quality. Learn more about what makes Capezzana one of the biggest names in olive oil.

Upholding Traditional Methods

At Tenuta di Capezzana in Tuscany, the process of making olive oil has changed over the years. The estate has incorporated modern milling with up-to-date equipment that minimizes oxygen exposure, ensuring not only a vibrant, golden green color, but also a smooth, buttery texture. The olives are pressed within 12 to 24 hours of being harvested to ensure the peak flavors are captured in every bottle. A combination of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendelino, and Leccino olives are used to create a unique flavor blend with grassy and fruity notes and a bright, peppery finish.

How to Use Capezzana Olive Oil

Capezzana extra virgin olive oil has a medium robust flavor that beautifully accents a wide variety of dishes. It's perfect for drizzling over salads and vegetables or lightly grilled bread. It's also perfect for adding a delicious element to pasta sauces. Choose this extra virgin olive oil from one of the most revered producers in all of Italy to enjoy incredible flavors worth savoring.