Corporate and Special Orders

We’re always happy to work with you on special orders for your very special events. Olive oil makes a great party favor, and also a spectacular corporate gift.

We have a great track record with events and gifts. These are some ideas from recent years:

* An international Zoom class with a Certified Tour Guide and art historian (with Smithsonian credentials!) in Italy, providing a 2-hour class. In advance of the class, the guests received a box featuring ingredients used in the class. 

* A gift box with DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, an olive wood cheese grater, and a bottle of excellent balsamic vinegar. 

* An online, private olive oil tasting, with the selection sent to the recipients in advance of the class.

* Single bottles of extra virgin olive oil sent to an entire client list, with customized, hand-written gift cards

* Exclusive custom gift sets for 15-500 clients!

* Bottles of a carefully selected Sicilian olive oil sent to sales team members notifying them of their sales award meeting in Sicily!

In order for us to make recommendations or provide pricing, please indicate the following:

Date needed
Ship-to Address
Total Quantity
Budget (total or per item)
Custom labels or cards, if any

Please contact us by email, phone, or fax:
1-866-olio2go (1-866-654-6246)