Collection: Puglia

Map of Puglia

Expand your culinary possibilities with incredibly delicious finds from Puglia. This area of Italy produces a wide range of high-quality ingredients with flavors that are unique to the region, including exquisite extra virgin olive oils. If you've been looking to add some unique items to your pantry, choose these authentic Italian products from Puglia.

Olive Oil from Puglia, Italy

Puglia is located in southern Italy in the "heel" of the boot-shaped country. With a mild climate and a vast, fertile countryside that encourages rich vegetation, Puglia has become renowned for its lush groves that produce delicious extra virgin olive oils. In fact, this region produces more olive oil than any of the other regions of Italy. Many of these oils feature Coratina, Peranzana, and Ogliarola olives, with flavor profiles ranging from fruity and light to slightly nutty. Our selection of extra virgin olive oils from Puglia come from small, artisan producers who meet the highest quality standards, ensuring rich, vibrant flavors in every bottle.

Local Puglia Ingredients

Beyond olive oils, our collection features a wonderful array of ingredients from this beautiful Italian region. From juicy tomatoes and artichokes to olive spreads and sliced peppers, there are a number of pantry staples you won't want to miss. In addition, be sure to check out our selection of cookbooks featuring Southern Italian recipes so you can recreate some of the most iconic Pugliese foods in your very own home. Shop at Olio2go to experience authentic Italian flavors and broaden your cooking capabilities.