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Both DOP and Organic, Arcamone is from one of the DeCarlo family's historic farms in Puglia. A Blend of Ogliarola and Coratina olives, Arcamone is a top quality extra virgin olive oil and very full of flavor.
The Decarlo family prides themselves on organic farming in southern region of Puglia. They produce award winning olive oil direct from the estate and use their olives to produce this incredible black olive spread. Enjoy!
Plump and firm Cerignola olives from DeCarlo in Puglia. Outstanding. None better!
Puglia. If you’ve read Tom Mueller’s Extravirginity, then you know about the remarkable efforts of the DeCarlo family in Puglia.
Puglia. Recognized by Flos Olei. Felice Garibaldi is a new olive oil from the family estate, DeCarlo. Exceptional 100% Ogliarola from a special early harvest from trees of unknown age, ranging from 120 to over 200 years old. Last bottles. Was $34.95. Now on Sale. Best by August 2020.
The product label reads "cherry tomato bruschetta", but the DeCarlo family likes to call it "sun-kissed tomato passion spread". Great on sandwiches, pizzas, bruschetta -- or stir a spoonful into soups or sauce for amazing flavor.
Sun Kissed Tomatoes? You could call them half-dried! The sweet tomato flavor is concentrated, but not leathery. And, it keeps a very fresh taste. These are delightful. Add them to pizza or serve with cheese!
Termite di Bitetto olives are a cultivar from Puglia, grown on the De Carlo family farm. These are perfect for cocktails, appetizers, pizza, focaccia, -- and for recipes with meat and fish.
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