Trentino-Alto Adige

Make a new discovery for your favorite foodie with a gift of Mugolio, pine cone bud syrup, from forests in the Dolomites. Be sure to read the full description of this special syrup collected from the buds of Mugo pines, growing wild.
Produced in late June and early July from wild mountain chestnut flowers, this honey is extraordinarily versatile. Amber colored, it has an aromatic, herbal and pungent aroma and flavor with a slightly bitter and tannic aftertaste. Excellent with cheese.
Miele Thun's Acacia honey sourced from Italian Acacia flowers is a delicate and much sought-after light straw-yellow colored honey with undertones of sugared almonds and vanilla. Excellent with cheese.
Girasole or Sunflower honey. It is fresh to the palate and reminiscent of green tomatoes and apricots. Recommended with eggs (really!), and to enhance vegetable soups and savory stocks. Pair with pecorino, taleggio, or similar cheeses.
Andrea Paternoster’s Mieli Thun Eucalyptus honey is a crystallized honey with a strong personality. Excellent with cheese, sushi, and tea.
Trentino. We're excited to add Limina to our collection of great olive oils. This hails from the north end of Lake Garda, and the name means border in Latin. This is the area where Lake Garda, Trentino, Lombardia, and Veneto meet. Enjoy this balanced yet spicy selection.
Riva del Garda Uliva from the Lake Garda region. A long-requested gem from the north. Fabulous production with top 99/100 ranking from Flos Olei.
Six great Italian producers have created Opera Olei. It is a set of six monocultivar olive oils, representing six regions of Italy. Opera Olei brings to market the Italian excellence crafted by six young producers. Boxed Set.
Map of Trentino-Alto Adige

Olive oil is not generally produced in Trentino-Alto Adige except in the southern parts of the region in the microclimate near Lake Garda. The region is best known for great skiing in the Dolomites. Two of the interesting cities and towns in this region are Bolzano and Merano.

The region of Trentino-Alto Adige is considered to be two distinct regions by many, and in fact the differences between the Alto Adige region along the border of Austria and the Trentino region surrounding Trento and south are quite distinct.

There are essentially no olive trees grown in the Alto Adige region, but Trentino produces some fine oils, particularly in the area around Lago di Garda, just to the southwest of Trento and northwest of Verona. The oils of Trentino tend to be lighter than those of other regions. Try our Garda Organic for a taste of this region.

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