Olio Novello


Olio Novello

Experience the incredible taste of olio novello extra virgin olive oil. These early harvest olive oils offer a level of freshness and flavor that's unrivaled. Learn more about what makes this olive oil unique and how to find it at Olio2go.

What Is Olio Novello?

Olio novello, also known as olio nuovo, is the name used to describe early harvest olive oil. This oil is made from the first olives gathered at the beginning of the harvest season. The early harvest olives are pressed immediately, and the unfiltered result is olio novello olive oil. It's processed for a time period of just a few days or weeks before its release, so it's as fresh from the olive grove as it gets.

Olio Novello Features

Olio novello/olio nuovo is considered to be some of the best olive oil due to its superior freshness and vibrant, robust flavors and aroma. The consistency of this unfiltered, fresh-pressed olive oil is more pulp-like and lush than your typical olive oil.

Customers can expect premium prices for olio novello due to the limited supply of products. These olive oils are only available during a small portion of each year, and they sell out quickly due to the high demand.

How to Get Olio Novello at Olio2go

At Olio2go, we're proud to partner with exclusive producers from all 20 regions of Italy. Their small-batch productions feature an incredible level of quality and flavor. We stay in close contact with these producers as the harvest season begins so we can make sure our customers have access to olio novello and olio nuovo releases, which typically arrive just after Thanksgiving.


Olio novello often commands premium pricing due to its very limited supply and insatiable demand. It is simply the best of the best and olive oil lovers are quick to purchase the freshest bottles of extra virgin olive oil as soon as olio2go announces the arrival of the year’s olio novello.


olio2go is the exclusive distributor for more than 70 producers from all twenty regions of Italy, who take great care with their small batch productions and most produce a limited supply of authentic extra virgin olive oil. We are in constant contact with our producers in Italy during the early harvest season so that we can promptly provide the very best olive oils to our customers in the United States and Canada. #knowtheproducer


In most years the first of the new harvest extra virgin olive oils arrives just after Thanksgiving -- and we commence shipping immediately to you! For the 2023 harvest, we anticipated some delays due to harvest conditions and the continuing challenges of the worldwide supply chain. As soon as our goods are loaded in Italy, we are announcing the incoming selections (and expected shipping dates). Some will be pre-orders. 

Update (9 May 2024): Novello Selections in Stock

Tamia Novello Organic, Lazio

Fonte di Foiano Olio Nuovo, Tuscany

Mimi Novello, Puglia 

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