Authentic Italian Pinoli Pine Nuts 100 gr

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6 $22.95 each
  • Size:100 gr
  • Region:Lombardia


It can be difficult to source and stock good quality, authentic Italian pine nuts in retail packaging. At times we are able to stock small (50 gram) jars for $16.75. 

We are now offering a 100 gram jar for $25.50. We have purchased the pine nuts in bulk and have repacked them in Italian Bormioli Quattro Stagioni jars. 

Please note these jars have a safety tab; they are not vacuum sealed.

To some these are a luxury item, but to others these are a necessity. Authentic Italian Pine Nuts. Rich, robust, untoasted Italian pinoli. Straight from Italian farmers. Perfect for sauces, vegetables, salads, and desserts -- and unimpeded snacking!

A note: some of us have found non-Italian pine nuts to cause an odd aftertaste in following days. This has not been an issue with authentic Italian pine nuts. Available in limited quantities.

3.4 oz, 100 grams

Allergen Note: The original facility also processes peanuts.

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