Caravaglio Capers from Sicily

Caravaglio Capers from Sicily CVG-001
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  • Size:90 gr
  • Region:Sicily
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Salted Capers from Sicily from Azienda Agricola Caravaglio. Capers are the bud of a caper plant and these were grown organically on Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands. (A nearby island, Lipari, is near and dear to us.) Salina produces wonderful capers due to the climate and soil.

Plump, fruity capers packed in Sicilian sea salt, bring forth a richer flavor than the briny grocery store capers. Soak in water for approximately 10 minutes to rinse off the excess salt.

Uses? Try these in seafood dishes, with roasted vegetables, in potato salad or on pizza. These add depth to chicken piccata, and work well with dishes with red peppers and olives.

Product of Italy. Refrigerate after opening.

90 gr., 3.17 oz.
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