Flos Olei Gift Set with Fonte di Foiano Grand Cru, 1979 & IGP Toscano

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 500 ml
  • Certification:IGP Toscano
  • Harvest: 2018
  • Region:Tuscany
  • Tasting Notes: a great way to expand your olive oil knowledge with notable olive oils


Celebrate great olive oils with Marco Oreggia's Flos Olei and three selections noted in the guide. Marco Oreggia granted Fonte di Foiano 97/100 and Farm of the Year, very exclusive ratings in the world of find olive oil. Gift Boxed.


Flos Olei 2019 The Farm of the Year

Flos Olei 2019 (99/100)

From the area of Castagneto Carducci – in Bolgheri, Tuscany.

The Grand Cru Selection is produced with the best varieties of the olive-grove -- Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino -- hand picked in very early harvest. Intensely herbaceous and fruity, with notes of green tomato and artichoke. Intensely hot and bitter. Best for raw use--as a finishing oil.  

1979: what is the reason behind the name? That’s the year the grove was planted. The artisan olive farmers at Fonte di Foiano have yet another winner with 1979. This oil is a blend of Frantoio (60%) and Moraiolo (40%) olives, harvested in October.

IGP Toscano: After filtering, the exquisite oil is clear. The flavor is medium fruity with notes of grass and artichoke. It is well balanced with bitter, spicy, and peppery notes of medio- intenso!

Recommended pairings include Tuscan favorites, such as bistecca, chickpea soup, other velvety vegetable soups, and roasted vegetables. Chianina beef carpaccio with porcini mushrooms, spinach salad, grilled radicchio, lentil soup, artichoke pasta dishes, oven-baked oily fish, red meat, grilled game, mature firm-textured cheeses.

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