Granellona Brut: Coarse Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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  • Size:250 gr
  • Region:Lazio
  • PronunciationGran-nel-LOH-nah broot
  • UPC793232646015


Il Colle del Gusto Granellona Brut

Move over, Nutella, there’s a new spread in town. Il Colle del Gusto’s Granellona Brut is as unadulterated as it gets. Crunchy bites of crushed hazelnuts blended in a silken chocolate cream.

Extra virgin olive oil proves itself the ideal partner, lending smoothness and shine while allowing full chocolate flavor and roasted nut aroma to shine through.

Granellona Brut on a slice of rustic Italian bread is snack perfection, and there is no wrong way to use this versatile bittersweet spread.

Drizzle it over ice cream, waffles or grilled peaches; spread it on the bottom crust of a banana cream pie before filling mix it with whipped cream and freeze overnight for a wonderful semifreddo; mix with ricotta for a Cannoli filling.

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