Insalatiera Mediterranea Salad Set

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  • Bottle Size:250 ml x 2
  • Certification:DOP Lucca, Organic (Tenuta Lenzini)
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Tuscany
  • Rating: 98
  • PronunciationIn-sahl-la-ter-EE-ah Med-ih-ter-RAN-ee-ah


This year's dynamite gift is this fabulous live-edge olive wood bowl, accompanied by olive wood salad servers, Tenuta Lenzini Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Lucca, and Acetaia Cattani Olivewood Balsamic Vinegar. Plus, a lovely Italian dish towel. See shipping note below. 

Tenuta Lenzini DOP Lucca:

The Tenuta Lenzini estate covers 24 hectares in the Gragnano area, situated in the hills to the east of Lucca. The farm, whose main activity is the production of wine and olive oil, has for some years also opened its doors to wine enthusiasts or simple nature lovers in order to let them sample a little of the beauty of this corner of Tuscany.

The oils from Lucca have a special appeal and notably they have a buttery aspect not found in oils from other parts of Tuscany. Rich, buttery, and fruity, rich with nuances, and with notes of grass, and a mild peppery finish. Composed of several varieties of olives including Frantoio (65%), Leccino (20%), and Maurino, Pendolino, and Moraiolo (combined at 15%), the resulting oil has very low acidity and wonderful healthful properties. A winner of Chiocciole - Slow Food Recognized Farm 2021 and Presidium Slow Food 2021.

Cattani Olive Wood Balsamic: This balsamic vinegar from the Cattani family in Modena, is aged in olivewood barrels! This new premium balsamic is thick and rich with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. Drizzle over ripe tomatoes, Parmiggiano-Reggiano cheese, and peppery salads.

Each bowl, crafted by nature, measures approximately 12" by 8".

This is ideal for the foodie in your life, whether a business associate, best friend, or your parents.

Orders requiring more than one shipping box, will incur additional fees.

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