Pitzinnas Sardinian Eucalyptus Honey

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  • Size:400 gr
  • Region:Sardinia
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Was $27.85. Now on Sale. Best Buy December 2022. From the island of Sardinia, Pitzinnas Eucalyptus Honey is produced from happy bees dancing through the wild groves of eucalyptus trees in Sardinia. This is precious due to its rarity. 

Eucalyptus is a very widespread plant along the entire Tyrrhenian coast, in Sicily and Sardinia where it alone benefited from the production of 50% of the honey, of the whole island. From its leaves an essential oil is produced that has strong calming, antiseptic, balsamic, and antiparasitic properties for coughs.

Eucalyptus honey is very rich in antioxidants, especially flavonoids.It is widely used to fight seasonal ailments, such as colds and sore throats.

Europeans appreciate honey of all varieties and understand the unique characteristics whether liquid or crystalized. 

Honey should not be fed to children under one year of age.

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