Principato di Lucedio Carnaroli Rice

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  • Size:500 gr (1.1 lbs)
  • Region:Piemonte
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Move over Arborio. Now considered the King of Italian rice, and preferred by chefs, Carnaroli kernels are the longest and thickest of the superfino rice. The rustic bag packaging will soon be transitioned to a box.

Principato di Lucedio, located in Piemonte, has been harvesting rice for over 900 years. This is a very special, single estate rice harvested in the fall and husked to order!

This long oval grain contains the highest concentration of starch resulting in superior texture when making a velvety risotto. Because of its thickness, the rice keeps al dente even after cooking, making it the preferred choice for top chefs. Used mostly for making risotto where the rice is the star, such as Risotto with Barolo or Risotto with Truffles.

Rolando Beramendi has provided this recipe from his book, Autentico, The Greenest Risotto.

The bag has been discontinued and this product is now supplied in a box.

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