Trentasette Genovese Pesto with Truffles

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  • Size:180 gr.
  • Region:Umbria
  • UPC672640007901


From Trentasette comes this classic basil pesto splendidly enhanced with black truffles.

Perfect for pasta, bruschetta, as a filling, or to be enjoyed on fish or meat! Stir it into a Risotto, or add a dollop to a winter soup.

Customers are raving about this pesto! We've been told of fantastic meals with lasagnas with asparagus, handmade pasta and pesto/béchamel sauce.

6.3 oz

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, basil, cashew nuts, cheeses, salt, pine nuts, potatoes, sugar, black summer truffles, acidity regulator, natural flavors, garlic.
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