Collection: Lombardy

Map of Lombardia

Best Foods of Lombardy

If you want to enjoy the aromas and flavors of Northern Italy without leaving the home, our genuine Lombardy foods and baking goods will bring them to your kitchen. Lombardy is the most-populated administrative region of Italy, surrounded by the Alps and the Po River along the Swiss border.

Although the cold northern-central climate generally cannot sustain olive trees, Lombardy is still home to plenty of excellent Mediterranean cuisine. It's one of Europe's largest rice producers for risotto and soup, and they are also known for a variety of pastas, cheeses, and wines. We have imported many foods and baking goods for you to recreate your favorite Lombardy dishes or add a unique twist.

Northern Italian Cooking

Fill your pantry with everything to serve Lombardy fare that also carries the heritage of this historically significant area. Cook authentic pizzoccheri pasta that has its trademark rustic nutty flavor. Buckwheat is a dietary staple for those residing in the region's Northern mountains, and by keeping Moretti Taragna Polenta with Buckwheat on hand, you can add it to any dish. Some of our other favorites include semola flour, Bramata ground cornmeal, genuine pinoli pine nuts, and the popular Mostarda di Mantova condiment spread for Bollito.

As the leading retailer for Italian olive oil and other goods, Olio2go offers a gourmet culinary experience. We work with producers throughout Italy and are always adding new items for private customers, stores, and restaurants. Send an email to to be alerted of the latest Lombardy gourmet cuisine.