Olive Oil Gift Sets and Baskets for Gifting

Searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or entertain? Consider choosing from a selection of olive oil gift sets at Olio2go. We've made it easy to surprise your loved ones with a truly special gift featuring only the most exquisite, authentic Italian olive oil. You can create your own set by choosing from our extra virgin olive oils sourced from all 20 regions of Italy, or you can go directly to our gift sets page to find premade packages designed to delight their taste buds. Learn more about what types of olive oil are best for gifting and get inspired ideas for upcoming holidays, milestone celebrations, and more.

Best Olive Oils for Gifts

Olive oils are one of the most popular gifts for someone who appreciates food. It's one of the most versatile and commonly used ingredients, but many people settle for the mass-produced options at their local supermarkets, which are lacking in flavor and freshness.

By giving the gift of gourmet olive oil, you can allow someone to easily elevate their home cooking. It's not a complicated or fussy ingredient they be intimidated by. Instead, it's something they'll be excited to try and which may even inspire them to test out new recipes. Even those who aren't the most eager home cooks will love this gift because it's something that can easily be drizzled onto salads, breads, pasta, vegetables, and more.

Understanding Olive Oil Terminology

Two of the most important phrases you'll want to keep in mind when shopping for olive oil gifts are "extra virgin" and "cold pressed." Extra virgin olive oils are the finest grade oils. They have a lower acidity which allows for greater versatility in cooking. Cold pressed (or "spremitura a freddo" in Italian) oils use no artificial heat or chemicals in the production process, which ensures a better flavor.

You may also want to look for products labeled as D.O.P., which means the producer of the olive oil has passed certification standards that control the origin of the oil. If an oil is labeled as unfiltered, it may have a cloudier appearance indicating a more recent production.

Create an Olive Oil Gift Set

Olio2go has the best selection of extra virgin olive oils that are sourced directly from our partners in region across Italy. You can trust any bottle from our site to be of the highest quality that is suitable for a gourmet gift set. We recommend choosing two to four olive oils with different flavor profiles to give the recipient more options in adding flavor as they cook. Another fun way to arrange a gift set is to shop by region to select olive oils from different areas of Italy.

If you'd like to add more variety to an olive oil gift box, consider including balsamic vinegar, Italian pasta, savory condiments, or other gourmet foods. Another great gift idea that fit this theme is a cookbook featuring authentic Italian recipes to inspire their culinary creations.