Understanding New Harvest Olive Oil

Producing Italy's Finest Olive Oil


Each fall, olives are harvested across the northern hemisphere. In recent years, in Italy, the harvest has begun in Sicily in the last week of September and farms throughout the country progressively harvest into December. The harvest is dated (the vintage) with the year when the harvest began. The 2022 harvest will be available in November 2022. 


Each olive farmer must evaluate his crop daily to determine when the olives will be at their prime for the desired production. High quality early harvest olives yield far less oil than olives harvested when they are riper. The very first olive oils are called olio nuovo or novello. 

The novello production is unfiltered an quickly bottled. It is a celebration of the new season. As the harvest continues the producers mill with great care to craft oil that will last well throughout the year. 

At olio2go we strive to always have the freshest Italian olive oil available. 


olio2go is the exclusive distributor for more than 70 producers from all twenty regions of Italy, who take great care with their small batch productions and most produce a limited supply of authentic extra virgin olive oil. We are in constant contact with our producers in Italy so that we can promptly provide the very best olive oils to our customers in the United States and Canada. #knowtheproducer