Tenute Librandi Organic Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Calabria
  • Rating: 100
  • PronunciationLee-BRAHN-di No-chel-LAR-ra
  • UPC8054521190018


Los Angeles 2018 Gold


Flos Olei 2022 (99/100)

Gambero Rosso Tre Foglie 2022

Bibenda 5 Gocce (2022)

Il Magnifico 2022 - Finalist

Gambero Rosso Special Prize 2022 - Best Organic Monocultivar

Gambero Rosso La Stella 2022 for 10 consecutive years of Tre Foglie

ASSAM 2022

Best Calabrian Monovarietale and Best Oil in Italy in "Aromatic" Category 2022 - AIRO: Associazione Internazionale Restoranti dell'Olio

Bibenda 5 Gocce (2021)

Flos Olei 2021 Farm of the Year 

Gambero Rosso Tre Foglie 2021

Ercole Olivario 2020 1st Place, Medium Fruity

BIOL 2020 - Extra Gold Medal

Gambero Rosso Tre Foglie, 2019

Bibenda 5 Gocce (2019)

It seems that we were destined to meet Michele and Angela Librandi to add their famous olive oil to our store. We had exchanged emails in the past, and certainly we had requests for their oil from Calabria and we had a most fortunate meeting at Olio Capitale in Trieste.

They are both charming and enthusiastic as they share their family's exquisite organic extra virgin olive oil. What we found most difficult was determining which selections to import. We chose Carolea as a fine representation of the traditions of Calabria and the Nocellara olive for the craftsmanship.

Tenute Librandi is located in Vaccarizzo Albanese in Cosenza, Calabria. With 27,000 trees and a mill on the property, they are able to mill within four hours of picking.

Nocellara yields oil that is green with golden yellow hues. The aroma is strong and rotund. You’ll note rich, fruity notes of ripe tomato, banana, and white apple, with hints of basil, sage, and mint. Complex and vegetal; some note celery, lettuce, and broad beans, finishing with characteristic bitterness and pungency. Certified Organic.

Tasting Notes: The aroma is fresh and spicy, fruity with elements of tomatoes and tomato leaf. Once on the tongue, there is a vapor that makes the mouth sing. Oh so pleasant and grassy, notable spice, and minimal bitter characteristics. 

Excellent with tomato bruschetta, swordfish, lentil soups, pasta with meat sauce, game, and aged cheese.

Certified Organic. Named Best in the World from Organic Farming, Flos Olei 2015. 

Excellent with salads, pasta, and fish.


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