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Fattoria Ramerino Guadagnòlo Primus Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016

Ramerino Primus EVOO 2016 RAM-019
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Fattoria Ramerino Guadagnòlo Primus Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016

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6$33.25 Each
  • Bottle Size:500 ml.
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2016
  • Region:Tuscany
  • Rating: 100
  • UPC8034055340103

Los Angeles 2017 Silver Medal

Featured in The New York Times (May 22, 2015) Italy’s Treasured Olive Oil, at the Source.

**Replenishment shipment due week of September 24.**

We were in the right place at the right time when we met Filippo Alampi from Fattoria Ramerino at Olio Capitale in Trieste in March 2013.

We were struck by the superior quality of this extra virgin olive oil from his estate outside of Firenze. Primus is pressed from the earliest olives while Dulcis is pressed from olives that ripen a short time later. Primus is full of intensity, while Dulcis is slightly softer.

The aroma is of fresh olives and green grass. Primus brings forth an intensely spicy and bitter combination. With the fruity green olive taste, you may note hints of grass and artichoke. The blend is unique in our collection: Moraiolo (60%), Frantoio (20%), Leccino (10%), and altri or other (10%).

If you read the Washington Post article, Where to Buy Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (15 February 2017), we recommend this selection.

An outstanding award winner:

- Flos Olei 2017 (97/100)

- New York International Olive Oil Competition 2017, Gold Medal

- Flos Olei 2016 (96/100)

- New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016, Gold Medal

- Domina International Olive Oil Contest 2016, Gold Medal

- L'Oro del Mediterraneo 2016

*Praise of Excellence, 5 drops

- Bibenda National and International Competition 2016, 5 drops

- L'oro D'Italia National Competition 2016, 5 drops

- Gambero Rosso, 2 red leaves

* Praise of Excellence, 5 drops 

Blend Medium Fruity, "Guadagnolo Primus"

* Praise of Excellence, 5 drops 

Organic Olive Oil, Medium Fruity "Guadagnolo Primus”

- The Land of Olive Oil 2016
Maestrod'Olio Crow "Guadagnòlo Primus"

- XIII National Exhibition Monocultivar Olive Oil 2016
“Cultivar Frantoio” score 8,0

- Olio Capitale 2016

"Guadagnòlo Primus" Intense Fruity, finalist producer

- Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2016

Bronze Medal: Guadagnolo Primus, Medium Fruity, Organic

-Merum Guide 2016

Two hearts and inserted in the special "Degu-Box"  

-Terrd'Olio Published Book

Le Corone Maestrod'olio "Master Crown" 2016 

 -Der Feinschmecker Magazine 2015 Olive Oil Awards, Listed

Prior Harvests

- Gold Medal, Los Angeles 2015 
- Flos Olei 2015, Best 20, Made with Love Farm
- Tre Foglie con l'Olio "Guadagnòlo Primus" , 2 foglie con il "Cultivar Frantoio" e 2 foglie con il "Guadagnòlo Dulcis" nella guida Gambero Rosso 2015
- Selezionato in guida con tutti e tre gli oli (Guadagnòlo Primus, Guadagnòlo Dulcis e Cultivar Frantoio) nella guida Slow Food 2015
- Inserito nella Premium List con l'olio "Guadagnòlo Primus" per l'Ercole Olivario 2015
- Lode di eccellenza 5 gocce al concorso L'Oro D'Italia 2015 tipologia blend "Guadagnòlo Primus" e Menzione di merito 4 gocce tipologia monovarietali "Cultivar Frantoio" 
- Inserito nella Degu-Box di Merum 2015 "Guadagnòlo Primus"
- International Contest BIOL, ExtraGold 2015 

- Los Angeles International, Gold Medal, Robust, 2014
- Flos Olei 2014, score 93/100
- International Contest BIOL, ExtraGold 2014 
- Merum 2014 Guide, Guadagnòlo Primus 2/3 hearts 
-Montiferru 2014 Guadagnòlo Primus , 1° prize for the pluricultivar olive oils 
- Gambero Rosso Guide, Guadagnòlo Primus, 3/3 leaves 
- Slow Food Guide, Guadagnòlo Primus, selected in the guide 
- Olea “L’Oro D’Italia” (National Contest)Guadagnòlo Primus, praise of excellence 

2013 awards: 
Best of Show, Best of Class, and a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Olives Oil Competition; and many more!

We have learned that Guadagnòlo is the name for a terra cotta jar used by millers ages ago to recover oil from the tools of the pressing, a lovely ancient find evidencing the value of oil then and now.

We recommend this with the local foods of Tuscany: ribollita, bean soups, grilled meats, and cooked vegetables. In each case, finishing with Primus will elevate your recipe.

The farm has been granted EU organic grower certification.

 2016 Harvest: Acidity: 0.26%; Polyphenols: 800 mg/kg

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