Mattei Cantuccini with Dark Chocolate

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Each year at the holidays, our olive oil fans ask for a few extra goodies from Italy.

From Tuscany, please enjoy these delightful biscotti produced by the Mattei family in Prato, since 1858. If you are well traveled, you may be familiar with this traditional blue packaging. This famous product is found in gourmet shops throughout Italy. For this new selection they have replaced the almonds of the classic biscotti with large chunks of dark chocolate and packed the cookies into bright blue bags with a red emblem. The bittersweet flavor of the chocolate, along with incomparable airy, crunchy texture and a yellow tint from the free-range egg yolks used in the dough, put a new twist on tradition. Features dark chocolate chunks!

Made with Wheat flour, Dark chocolate 20%, Sugar, fresh Eggs. Perfection served with coffee, Brachetto wine or Port after a meal, these biscotti are also delicious dipped in our Colle del Gusto Granellona Brut Chocolate and Hazelnut spread.

250 gr.
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