Profumo del Chianti

Profumo del Chianti PDC-001
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  • Size:200 gr. (7.76 oz)
  • Region:Tuscany
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Gourmet Magazine refers to Dario Cecchini as Tuscany's ultimate butcher. He presides over four businesses including his butcher shop and restaurant in Panzano in the heart of the Chianti Classico. On a pilgrimage, you can shop for top meats, cheese with spicy mustards, or you can buy some of this great salt.

One of our favorite customers asked us to import Profumo del Chianti and we are thrilled to bring this in. This is the finest ground herb salt. Have no fear. The blend is masterful. After steak, try it with other meats, vegetables, and more vegetables

Featured in May / June 2013  La Cucina Italiana Magazine, on page 13. 

You can read the Gourmet article here .


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