Vincente Chocolat Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

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  • Size:200 gr
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We are very excited about this new offering from Vincente, the poplar producer of Pistachio, Hazelnut and Almond Creams. This is Chocolat! it is a blend of the ever popular combination of chocolate and hazelnut. 

There are many great ideas for this: decadent toast, ice cream topping (or as an ice cream flavor), stir into coffee, spread as a layer to make sandwich cookies, as a dollop in a thumbprint cookie, as a base in a pear crostata....the list is endless. 

Ingredients: Sugar, thin cocoa powder 25%, hazelnuts 15%, milk powder, vegetable fat (sunflower oil, cocoa butter), extra virgin olive oil, emulsifier soy lecithin, natural flavors of vanilla. 

Contains: Nuts, milk, soy. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 30 days.

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