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Calabria Olive Oils & More

Take a trip to Southern Italy by way of your dining table with the latest Calabria artisan olive oil and fine foods. Located on the country's "ankle and toe", this peninsula region has long been a strategic hub - and it's also where the word "Italy" was first used by Ancient Greeks.

While Calabria cuisine is typical of Mediterranean fare in many ways, the Calabrians have given it a hot and spicy twist. They use a variety of locally produced foods and place great importance on food preservation, packaging many of their meats and vegetables in the olive oils they press. the food industry is one of the most developed in the region with well-known pork sausage, bread, cheese, and red wine based on ancient recipes.

Fine Southern Italian Cooking

Olio2go has curated a large collection of Calabria extra virgin olive oil from small producers in the region such as Tenute Librandi, which was named 2021 Farm of the Year by Flos Olei. Their certified organic olive oils have a remarkable freshness while combining a grassy aroma with the spiciness the area is known for. Look for preorders on the latest pressings to secure your bottles while they last.

Use these Calabrian olive oils and other foodstuffs to create local dishes such as fried pork, lagane e cicciari pasta, and pignolata pastries - or come up with your own amazing dishes using ideas from the Olio2go blog. Many other fine items are available such as Calabrian chili paste, baked figs, clementine marmalade, and an assortment of cookbooks for your culinary concoctions.