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We've been on the hunt for a good balsamic vinegar jelly and are thrilled with Balsamina. One of the best balsamico producers in Modena crafts this exquisite jelly. Crafted by the fantastico Acetaia Cattani, this is a great gift to enjoy.
Bartolini's Bean Soup cooks quickly allowing for a nutritious soup in a minimum of time. This mix includes pearl barley, lentils, occhio beans, azuki green beans, and broken green peas.
Aglio e Oglio Herb Blend is perfect for spicing things up! It's a classic blend for pasta and it is a favorite for bread dipping. You'll fine many enticing uses for this organic blend of parsley, chili peppers. sea salt, garlic and black pepper.
New from Sicily. 100% Organic, estate grown, with a great story! Bona Furtuna comes to us from Corleone. Biancolilla Centinaria is a rare tree and we are fortunate for their mission to bring back the treasures of Sicily. Was $37.95. Last bottle. Now on Sale.
Bona Furtuna is a new discovery from Corleone, Sicily. This aromatic and flavorful salt and herb blend will be the first thing your reach for when grilling white meats and fish. It is delightful on simple vegetables, grilled or steamed!
Pressed from ancient Corleonese heirloom tomato varieties, our Sicilian marinara sauce perfects the “straight-off-the-vine” taste and adds authenticity to any family dinner.
Bona Furtuna's Organic Dried Basil will set your mouth to watering! This herb is intense and enticing. Harvested on the estate in Corleone. Add to tomato salads, sauces and classic spice blends.
Bona Furtuna's Organic Wild Oregano Flowers will make you wonder why you don't use Oregano on everything! This herb is intense and enticing. Harvested on the estate in Corleone. Add to salads, sauces and classic spice blends. Outstanding on white pizza and focaccia.
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