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Best Campania Cuisine

Satisfy diverse palates with our Campania extra virgin olive oils and other exquisite foods imported directly from this Mediterranean region. While tourists mostly know Campania for beautiful destinations such as the city of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, it's also had a lasting influence on the world's cooking. Campania is known for Neapolitan cuisine and spaghetti - and Naples is where pizza was invented. They also conceived the lesser-known but still delicious buffalo mozzarella along with traditional cakes, pies, and Russian salad. With our huge collection of authentic Campania foods, you can make all these dishes and many more.

Neapolitan Olive Oils & Foods

Through our travels and connections, Olio2go has discovered the fine culinary delights along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Use the intensity of Case d'Alto Coevo Grand Cru Organic, the herbaceous flavor of Fattoria Ambrosio Idra Organic, or the fruity and floral notes of Itran's Denocciolato extra virgin olive oil. These are just some of the oils we offer - and we're always seeking out new Campania olive oils from other small producers.

Fill the rest of your pantry with everything to delight guests. Olio2go has an array of Campania pastas and flours which can be purchased in money-saving multipacks. Add bean mixes, anchovies, mini tomatoes, and other pantry items for your next spread. We also carry multiple Campania cookbooks and travelogues, including the breathtaking Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Call us at 1-866-654-6246 if there's a particular oil or food you're looking for. We have flat-rate shipping on qualifying orders and offer free pick-up at our Fairfax, Virginia store.