Collection: Beans & Grains

Mediterranean Beans and Grains

At Olio2go, we know you need more than just olive oil for authentic Mediterranean baking and cooking. We've curated the finest grains and legumes to prepare main courses, side dishes, or desserts. These items are grown and prepared in Italy, then imported for your kitchen to elevate classic and modern creations. From Rustichella Farro Ancient Grain that fed the Roman legions to and Heirloom No-Soak Beans directly from Campania region, we have everything for genuine Italian or Mediterranean dining.

Heirloom Italian Grains

Browse our large collection to find your favorite grains or try something new. We have Italian white rice and black rice for risotto, lentils for soups and salads, and a variety of beans for side dishes. Shop flours for creating ancient grain pasta, bread, homemade pizza, and everything in between. Other popular offerings include dried mushrooms to add to pasta sauce and active dry yeast to help dough rice.

If you're newer to cooking, our pre-mixed grains and beans will help you get started. Italian soup mixes have carefully chosen beans for country-style meals and special occasions. These include Bartolio Umbrian Bean Soup that goes excellent with meat and tomatoes plus Cordero Zuppa Italian Wedding Soup. And remember to pick up a bag or two of delicious Italian cookies for a post-dinner treat.

Italy's Finest Grains & Beans

Order directly from Olio2go to receive the best grains for everyday dining or seasonal and holiday meals. We have bulk discounts on many items to help you save for large parties. Get fast shipping anywhere in the U.S. or pick up Italian beans and grains directly from our Fairfax, Virginia store.