Artigiana Genovese Organic Pesto Gift Box

Artigiana Genovese Organic Pesto Gift Box

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Artigiana Genovese was founded in 1998 and has been 100% organic since 2003. The children of founders, Aldo and Tea, now carry the business forward with authentic Genoese pesto and sauces typical of Liguria, and the effort is done with passion and scrupulous craftsmanship. 

The new generation continues to produce delicacies in the kitchen laboratory in Genova Prà, the "Cradle" of Basil, meticulously following all the procedures in line with the quality standards recognized worldwide.

Artigiana alla Pesto Genovese Biologico. Classic Pesto! Traditionally served with pasta, potatoes, and green baby green beans. Crafted in small batches, this is also ideal on crostini, bruschetta, and on a panini with grilled chicken! Dress new baby potatoes, or layer on a pizza. Add it as a layer in lasagna.

Artigiana Genovese Salsa di Noci Biologico Walnut Pesto. Perfect for pairing with trofie (a classic Ligurian pasta), ravioli, and a number of other pasta dishes, this Genovese sauce brings fresh, herbaceous flavor to your meal. It's also lovely when slathered on a crostini or panini or used on grilled meats, fish, or vegetables.

Artigiana Genovese Pesto Rosso Biologico. Made with sundried tomatoes, this delicious pesto is positively bursting with rich flavors. It can be stirred into pasta, used as a delightful topping for chicken, or slathered on a panini or crostini. You can also stir a spoonful of this sundried tomato pesto into soups or sauces for added depth of flavor.

Artigiana Genovese Pesto Sensa Aglio BiologicoWhether you have an aversion to garlic or a garlic allergy, this pesto sauce is the perfect fit for your culinary needs. It has a fresh and delicious taste that pairs beautifully with pasta. It can also be added to grilled meats or stirred into other dishes to incorporate authentic flavors from Genoa, Italy.

Each is the perfect size for a family meal with a 500 gram bag of pasta. Be sure to reserve some starchy pasta cooking water to stir in with this sauce.

Once opened, refrigerate after opening. Cover with oil and use within 5 days. 

Ingredients include nuts and dairy products. Please inquire if you would like to know abut additional ingredients or allergens.

130 gr. x 4

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