Map of Abruzzo

Along the Adriatic on the east coast of Italy, Abruzzo (Abruzzi) fills the market basket with carrots, potatoes, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, figs and plums. There is a significant amount of olive and table grape farming, but somewhat less wine production than you might expect. This sleepy region with abandoned villages may surprise with castles, ski resorts and sandy beaches.

The main olive oil producing areas of Abruzzo are the Valli del Tordino e del Vomano, Valle del Tavo, Chietino, and Conca di Sulmona. These areas are mainly valleys rising up from the Adriatic into the rugged mountains of the region.

An Italian pantry would be incomplete without anchovies. One can see immediately the quality of this product: small plump, pink Sicilian anchovy fillets, cured for over 12 days in salt and marinated in high quality extra virgin olive oil. Ideal to use on salads or any other preparation where the anchovy fillet will be a "star".
Risotto with Saffron, an authentic production from Chieti in Abruzzo. Made with Cannaroli rice, this classic accompaniment for pork, seafood, and chicken will be ready in 18-20 minutes.
Casale Paradiso's porcini mushroom polenta lets you make classic Italian polenta in next to no-time. It will be ready in 10-12 minutes. Was $6.75. Now on sale. Best by December 2019.
Gift Boxed! A gift set of three very special extra virgin olive oils: Agrumato Lemon, Agrumato Tangerine and Agrumato Orange.
A unique Rustichella d'Abruzzo buttery dome-shaped rich brioche bread Panettone studded with dried fig and chocolate. A holiday tradition!
A unique Rustichella d'Abruzzo buttery dome-shaped rich brioche bread Panettone studded with candied orange and citron peels, and raisins scented with natural vanilla. A holiday tradition!
Rustichella Egg Tagliolini with Lemon. Enjoy the fresh taste of lemon pasta with this remarkable egg tagliolini from Rustichella in Abruzzo. This shape is also known as Langanelle.
Farro Is an ancient grain that has come back into focus in the past few years as more have sought traditional cuisines. It is rich, nutty, and versatile.
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