Map of Calabria

Calabria (Latin: Bruttium or Brutium), occupies the ankle and toe of Italy. Calabrese cuisine, is spicy and hot, and includes pasta, produce, meats, fish and fruit--all from the local region.

From our friends at Tenute Librandi, we present this delicious citrus marmalade made from organic Oranges grown on the family's estate in Calabria.
We love the new packaging of this great organic marmalade from our friends at Tenute Librandi. We are present this delicious citrus marmalade made from organic Clementines grown on the family's estate. Clementines are sweet and juicy with less acid than Oranges.
This precious gem is a bottle of Calabrian fig syrup, a tradition Cosenza, Calabria, for hundreds of years. A decadent accompaniment to cheeses and gelato.
Calabria. Tenute Librandi's is the outstanding Nocellara del Belice selection early harvest selection. Gold Medal, Los Angeles 2018!
Calabria. Olio Librandi Organic, Carolea Selection. Gold Medal, New York International Olive Oil Competition, Flos Olei 2019 (98/100). Rich and fresh.
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