Tenuta Romano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml. x 3
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Campania
  • Rating: 97


Flos Olei 2022 (97/100)

Consider this to be the year's best gift: Three single cultivar olive oils from Campania-- the most notable Ortice, Picholine, and Racciopella selections available. Packed in our kraft gift box with natural ribbons.

These superb oils are elevated further by the exquisite label design. Together the labels bring forth a tree -- and further denote the singularity of each single cultivar selection. 

Frantoio Romano comes from the area of Benevento. It is known for the production of high quality agriculture, including wine and olive oil. From this strategic location, Frantoio Romano produces an array of fine extra virgin olive oils.

We have selected Ortice No. 1 for the intensity and character of green vegetable notes, along with ideal bitterness and pungency. Ortice is ideally paired with vegetables, in a combination that enhances and enriches the taste of the foods. We found successive layers of flavor notes in our staff tasting.

Ortice leads with green tones, including green tomato and notes of tomato leaf.  A trained palate, could note thistle, artichoke, green almond, grass, and olives. These distinct vegetable notes are enriched by the spiciness of black pepper, Mediterranean herbs (fennel, thyme, and mint) and notes of yellow apple.

The depth of Ortice calls for first courses of baked fish or vegetables, seasoned with spices, and seasoned with cheese and meat. Ortice blends the complementary flavors and boosts the overall flavor due to the bitterness and pungency. Recommended with soup, pasta, pancetta, prosciutto cotto, vegetables, and more. Add to eggplant parmigiana, vegetables au gratin, grilled fish, and marinara pizza.

Frantoio Romano’s Picholine No. 2 is the newest addition to the family’s single line. This high-quality oil has received important national and international awards.

This selection presents aromas of fruity, including freshly harvested green olives. Clear green notes and rich, ripe vegetable sensations also come through with green tomato, ripe fruit, vegetables, and aromatic herbs. These olfactory notes call for pairings with vegetables.

To the nose it expresses intense hints of fruity reminiscent of harvested olives while still green. Clear green and ripe vegetable sensations of medium intensity (green tomato, ripe fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs) complete the olfactory profile.The taste is balanced and harmonious, fluid and flowing, very sweet in the opening, followed by intense perceptions of spicy pepper, and bitter of rocket and chicory. On the finish, bitter almond and walnut.

Discover the third line of excellence of the Romano Frantoio: Racioppella No. 3 single variety extra virgin olive oil. Intense fruit flavor, the right balance of spicy and bitter and marked typical notes of grass, tomato, artichoke heart and unripe fruit. The native Racioppella cultivar olives come exclusively from the Samnite hills of the Ponte area, in the province of Benevento.

On the nose it expresses intense hints of medium-intense fruitiness that recall the hints of Racioppella olives still green. The main thought is the unripe tomato. Clear sensations of green vegetables are infused with herbaceous notes of artichoke, celery and unripe fruit. This oil is fresh and clean. It opens on sweet and bitter, followed by intense perceptions of unripe banana fruit. Notes of spicy chili pepper on the finish. It goes well with vegetables au gratin, swordfish salads, vegetable soups, first courses with sausage, red meats or grilled chicken and aged hard cheeses.


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