Collection: Liguria

Map of Liguria

Savor the fresh flavors of the Ligurian coast with premium olive oils and gourmet ingredients from Olio2go. Our selection includes a variety of authentic products from this region of Northwest Italy, including Ligurian olive oils featuring sweet and light flavors. Learn more about Liguria and the incredible selection of delicious products from this Italian region.

Ligurian Seaside Flavors

The Liguria region is marked by its craggy coastal geography. Olive groves are scattered along the terraced hillsides. Despite the rugged landscapes, however, Liguria olive oils are noted for how delicate and light they taste. Olive oils from Liguria go beautifully with seafood, which makes perfect sense considering the region's seaside location. Ligurian olive oils also pair well with other light meals and sides, such as fresh vegetables and crisp salads. It's also a top choice for blending into a homemade pesto sauce made with fresh basil.

Incredible Italian Ingredients

The list of amazing ingredients from this part of area doesn't stop at olive oil. Liguria is also well-known for its amazingly flavorful pesto. Our collection of gourmet Ligurian ingredients at Olio2go includes some of these authentic pesto sauces along with other treats, such as Taggiasca olives from the hills of Oneglia and hand-rolled trofie pasta. We also have Ligurian cookbooks to inspire you with ideas for authentic Italian meals that can be made in your very own cucina. Shop now to discover delicious extra virgin olive oils, savory sauces and other delicious ingredients sourced directly from Italy.