We love this hand rolled authentic pasta from Liguria. We've served it with Red Pesto with Truffles for a flavorful meal. This shape takes about 20 minutes to cook, and it is worth the wait!
​Perfect for lively, flavorful meals with the Tomato Sauce with Basil from Anfosso in Liguria! It is a classic sauce that pairs well with traditional pasta shapes.
Delightfully Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce from Anfosso in Liguria! This is a zesty combination with your favorite pasta shape.
This Anfosso Porcini Mushroom Sauce is ideal with a ribbon pasta such as pappardelle or linguine. Also, try this for a great bruschetta!
Anfosso Red Pepper Pesto will make your pasta day brighter with this combination of red bell peppers and extra virgin olive oil. Crafted in small batches, this is also ideal on crostini, bruschetta, and on a panini with grilled chicken!
The small Taggiasca (taggiasche) olive is the characteristic olive from Liguria. This is from the hills of Oneglia, where they are grown in the province of Imperia. Harvested by hand and crafted with family traditions, these olives are pitted and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.
Anfosso's Basil Pesto is out of this world. One customer calls it "life changing" due to its very fresh taste. Crafted in small batches, this is also ideal on crostini or on a panini with grilled chicken!
Italian cuisine never goes out of style. Yet while many are familiar with various regional cuisines of Italy, one of its most gastronomically rich regions has been largely overlooked: Liguria, home of focaccia, pesto, and the Cinque Terre.
Map of Liguria

The craggy coastal region of Northwest Italy arches toward Monte Carlo. It is filled with palm trees, lemon trees, and olive groves. The terraced hillsides yield olive oils more delicate than those of other regions.

The region of Liguria is rich in history and beauty. Its cities include Genova in the center, with San Remo and La Spezia on either end. One of the hidden treasures of Liguria is Cinque Terra, the five towns along the very mountainous coastline north of La Spezia.

Being coastal, Liguria is associated with excellent seafood. Liguria's olives include the Taggiasca and Opalino varieties. The oils tend to be sweet and light, which makes them excellent accompaniments with seafood.

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